Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Sex and the City 2

My friends and I are so so so excited for the new Sex and the City film!!! Fashion of course is an integral part of the film! Can't wait to see what Pat Field did this time around. She really is an icon, in so many ways!

I know that Carrie will be wearing tons of Halston Heritage given the fact that she's part of their creative team - figures. Cant wait for the Abu Dhabi trip, some crazy fashion there!

Aiden is back ladies! Which of course came as a surprise to everyone, although I had the feeling that he might be in the film. I've seen this interview with the creator and he mentioned how he loves Aiden's character that he's only waiting for the right moment for him to come back (in a way) to Carrie's life.
I need to find the perfect outfit for the opening (how sad is that!)! I did buy an Alexander Mcqueen jacket recently and I'm thinking that it might be the perfect jacket for the evening. I'm going all out! I guess you have to wait 'til the movie comes out to see what's inside the bag!

4 more weeks!

I can hear the decadence calling!

photo credit www.perezhilton.com, www.itshboinepicdetail.com


Call me shallow but I am so excited for Kimora's Life in the Fab Lane!!! She is a lady in drag if I may say so!

I just love her antics and I am so infatuated with her kids - Ming and Aoki! they're the cutest! and ofcourse the newest addition, her son Kenzo!

Can't wait for the funny moments and the inevitable fabulosity!

It airs May 2 on the E channel!

photo credit www.moviegoods.com

Monday, 26 April 2010

Lunch Hour with Sister Dear

My dear sister has travelled 3 hours to have lunch with moi! It was so sweet of her to travel that far. I miss her so much, now that she lives in London.

We had quite an eventful day. Went shopping, and had lunch at Picolino's - I'm obsessed with their Rustica Pizza. After lunch I had some Raspberry Ripple ice cream which was just divine! It's all that I needed on a hot summer day.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Welcome to Non-Model

Bias Cut, an un-biased opinion to all things fashion!

non-model.blogspot.com will feature different street styles, events, and yours truly - my thoughts on fashion, lifestyle and trends.

Why non-model? I was once called a non-model while attending a fashion event - but those b*tches got nothing on me! or atleast my style. I'm clearly not a model, but I love the industry they work in.

I am a fashion warrior.
I breathe it, love it and live it!